How to Start a Blog in 2019

By | July 4, 2019
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It’s easy and cheap to start a blog in 2019.

The most popular blogging software,, is free. Professional developed WordPress themes and plugins are free. And to get you started there are millions of free tutorials (including this one). The cost involved in starting a single blog is the money that you pay for a web host and domain name.

Introduction: What is blogging?

In the beginning, before the word “blog” was invented, a blog is commonly known as a “web log”.

A weblog is an online magazine that displays information in reverse chronological order, in which the latest posts appear first.

As the Internet grew and technology matured (mainly at the end of XIX), people saw the benefits of having a blog News service started. Using blogs to create outreach and opinion, blogs for business marketing and customer services. Top bloggers use blogs to reach people interested in specific topics. Blogging became mainstream

Today, a computer with an Internet connection can become a blogger.

Blog Getting Start in 6 Easy Steps

To start a blog, here are the steps you need to follow. We will go into the details for each of these steps in this article.

  • Find the right place for your blog
  • Select and register your blog domain
  • Buy a web host
  • Set up your blog with WordPress
  • Design your blog with pre-built WP themes
  • Select and install required plugins
  • Phase 1. Find the right nick
  • Credit: Dave Walker

This usually starts a newbie blog: They will write about their work on Monday, hobbies on Tuesdays, those movies on Wednesday, and political views on weekends.

In essence, these people write on various subjects without any prime focus.

Yes, these blogs will make a steady accumulation between their friends and families; but that’s about it.

When you are blogging randomly, it is very difficult to have a number of loyal readers because people will not know that you are a movie reviewer, food reviewer or book reviewer. Advertisers will also hesitate to advertise with you because they do not know what you are about.

So how do you go in search of a profitable blogging niche? Here are some key points.

  • Fill a Need

If you have ever thought, “I wish someone will blog about it”, this is a high moment. If this is a topic about which you want to know more, then this is probably a topic about which other people want to know.

What is your unique knowledge? How can you provide something unique to this topic that no one else can? It can also be done through an interview with an expert.

Real life example: Live blog, immature embrace, focuses on helping mothers increase the special needs children.

  • Some are passionate about you

Remember that you will be writing, reading and talking about your subject every day for the next few years. If you do not have any interest in your blog subject, it will be very difficult to keep walking constantly.

Apart from this, you will enjoy writing on those topics.

  • The subject in which power remains (evergreen material)

While the controversy is great, it does not ensure that your topic will be here next week. It’s better to focus on more general topics, such as “state-of-the-art social media trends” or “image apps that rock”. In this way, if a fad is out of fashion, then your blog can still keep looking for whatever changes.

  • Profitable

Last but not least – your blog should be in a place that you can earn money from.

Ask yourself if this is a topic that will attract readers and generate the income – whether through advertising or sales If you are blogging to support your existing business, then what blog do new customers bring? If you are blogging because you are passionate about this topic, then is there any way to monetize your personal blog?

I use SpyFu, sometimes a pay-per-click advertising tool to estimate the profitability of a niche. My reasoning behind this – if advertisers are paying thousands of dollars to Google AdWords, then there should be money in this area.

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