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By | July 5, 2019
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My recommendation for newbies is always to start small with a shared web host.

In shared hosting – you share server resources with many other users. Hosting capability is smaller than other hosting options (VPS, dedicated, etc.), but you will pay very little (often <$ 5 / mo) on signup and require less technical knowledge to start.

How to Buy a Web Host (Quick Walk)

I will use the promotion of promotion as an example in this guide. I mainly picked InMotion hosting because:

The company has a good business track record. You do not want to be hosted with a fly-by-night hosting operation, because if you get out of the host business, everything on your blog can be in danger (unfortunately I’ve seen something recently). The site you are reading is hosted on Promotion Hosting.
Trustworthy – Promotion hosting is up to me most of the time (uptime> 99.99%).
InMotion hosting is fair value. With the special rebate of the WHSR, the entry level entry scheme of the promotion starts at $ 3.99 per month. This is inline my 2019 cheap hosting market study – where I got the average price of shared hosting (for a 24-month subscription) $ 4.84 / mo.
To get started, click here to see InMotion hosting (affiliate link).

The link will take you to a special landing page where you will get a special discount as a WHS user.

Order Promotion Hosting for Blog Hosting

  • Click here to go here InMotion Hosting (affiliate link). Once you’re on the landing page, click on “Order Here” to order an Innovation Hosting launch. The price should be $ 3.99 / mo (normal $ 7.99 / mo) after the WHSR special rebate.
  • Right after clicking “Order now”, you will be directed to the server configuration page. For beginners, you can now leave everything by default and click on “Continue”.
  • Next, you have to choose your own domain name. If you are getting a new domain, then select “I want to buy a new domain” (as mentioned, this domain is free for all first-time subscribers of all compressed hosting). Or, if you already have one, enter your existing domain name.
  • If you need domain privacy * Recommended), select “Yes” and click on “Continue”.
  • You will need to create an AMP user account and complete your personal information (name, address, email, etc.). Make sure that you provide accurate information because the promotion of promotion will use this information to verify your information. Once complete, review your order and finalize it.
  • For more blog hosting options and tips, check out the WordPress Hosting Guide.

Can I use a free blogging platform instead?

One of the most frequently asked blogging questions: “What about those free blogging platforms? Can I create a blog for free? “

I know. Like free platform blogger or (WordPress org no, we are talking in this post) is fascinating. They are 100% free and super simple to set up.

However, I do not recommend running your blog on free platforms like or

However, keep in mind that hosting a blog on the free platform means that your blog is living with names like or

By placing your blog on a free platform, you give your name to the forum and limit your ability with their rules and restrictions.

For example, does not allow its users to post non-Google ads; does not allow image ads and imposes different limitations on sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

If you are serious about blogging, just get your own domain and hosting. Period.

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