Setting up WordPress Method

By | July 5, 2019
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Setting up WordPress

Why WordPress?

Personally, I think WordPress is the best blogging platform for new hobbies. And I am not alone.

According to Bilt with figures, more than 66% of blogs (or 7.7 million) of blogs in the United States are built on the WordPress platform. At the global level, there are approximately 27 billion blogs (about 7.2 billion at the time of writing global population – so you see references) with WordPress.

Setting Up WordPress

There are two ways to set up WordPress – the forum where you are going to set up your blog.

One, you can manually download files from and upload them to your web host; Or, use the auto-installation app (Softcutus) provided by the promotion of promotion. Both methods are quite simple but for newcomers – I do not think why you should do it manually.

Method # 1: WordPress Manual Installation

The official step-by-step guide can be found here. At a quick glance, these are the steps you need to do:

  • Download and unzip the WordPress package on your local PC.
  • Rename the Wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php.
  • In the text editor (notepad) open up-config.php and fill in your database details.
  • Place WordPress files on your web server in the desired location.
  • If you have installed WordPress in the root directory, you should see:; If you have installed WordPress in your subdirectory named Blog, for example, you should go here:
  • And you are

Method # 2: Auto WordPress Installation

Okay, I think you have left the manual installation guide and have come into this part. wise choice 😉

The easiest way to set up WordPress is to install “auto” by using in-motion hosting softphones (an underlying application that allows you to install WordPress in just a few clicks).

Install WordPress on Promotion Hosting using SoftMusulus.
Note that if you are doing this (auto-installation) on other web hosts, things may look different, but the process is generally the same. Unless you stick to auto-installation apps like Fantastico or softaculous or Simple Scripts, the process should not take more than 10 minutes.
Log in WordPress

Once you have installed your WordPress system, you will be given a URL to login to your WordPress Admin page.

In most cases, the URL will be something like this (depending on the folder you have installed WordPress):
Bookmarking this wp-admin login url is a good idea as you may be coming here often.

Now, visit this Admin URL and log in with your preset username and password (which you previously installed your WordPress); And there, now you are in the WordPress admin area. It will be part of the blog where only administrators can access.

Design your blog with Different Themes:

Now we have Bayer WordPress ready, now it’s time to take a deep dive. Like all CMS, there is 3 main elements in a WordPress blog:

CMS Core – The system that we previously installed using the auto installer.
Plugins – Add-on functions that give you additional control and features on your blog

Themes – Design Your Blog

In other words, to design your WordPress blog, all we have to do is customize the design of your blog theme.

The beauty of WordPress is that the design of your blog, which is also known as the subject, has been separated from the back-end system.

You can change your theme as often as you want, customize a packed theme, or even create a new theme from scratch – if you have design skills.

However, to make a good design for your blog, you do not have to create a theme from scratch.

Other people have already done this for you.

Yes, that is correct.

The truth is, most personal WordPress bloggers do not make their blog themes. Instead, most of us have to choose a ready-made theme (or a raw theme) and customize it according to our requirements. There is an infinite number of beautiful (and useful) WordPress themes around the Internet – a simple search on Google will take you to millions.

If this is for the first time setting up a WordPress blog, then I suggest that you start with a ready-made theme and tweak it on the way.

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